Welcome To Cincinnati Community Media!

  • Our Channels

    Channel 4 - Community
    Our community channel host programming that relates to life in Cincinnati including cultural, political, and informative programming.
    Channel 8 - Religion
    Our religion channel host shows with a focus on religious activities. This channel is idea for churches, synagogues, masque, and other religious organizations.
    Channel 15 - Education
    Our education channel host programming that relates to school organizations. For example Cincinnati Public School Board of Education meetings are aired on this channel.
    Channel 24 - Metro
    Cincinnati Community Media shares air time with other public access channels on our Metro channel. This allows us to broadcast your programming outside of our service area.

Media for the Community by the Community!

Cincinnati Community Media empowers members of the Greater Cincinnati community through free speech and artistic expression.  We offer a FREE media platform for you to inform, entertain and enact change throughout Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our goal is to remove communication barriers and give each member of the community a voice to share their political, cultural, religious and social ideologies in a format that is broadcast to every home within the City of Cincinnati mac os mojave installer herunterladen.

We believe that when community members are given the opportunity to freely express themselves in an open forum, more ideas are exchanged and new ideas and concepts thrive.  We provide access and technical expertise to make it possible for anyone with a message to broadcast their views on television.  As the steward for community media within the City of Cincinnati, we strive to make public access television more accessible and open to all netflix herunterladen ios.

We hope that you will take full advantage of this opportunity to create programming that educates and empowers your community.  You are invited to produce content in our recording studio that will be broadcast across our channels.  This is your community and your voice needs to be heard.  To get started contact us to schedule your orientation appointment today winzip kostenlos herunterladen deutsch.