About Cincinnati Community Media

  • Our Channels

    Channel 4 - Community
    Our community channel host programming that relates to life in Cincinnati including cultural, political, and informative programming.
    Channel 8 - Religion
    Our religion channel host shows with a focus on religious activities. This channel is idea for churches, synagogues, masque, and other religious organizations.
    Channel 15 - Education
    Our education channel host programming that relates to school organizations. For example Cincinnati Public School Board of Education meetings are aired on this channel.
    Channel 24 - Metro
    Cincinnati Community Media shares air time with other public access channels on our Metro channel. This allows us to broadcast your programming outside of our service area.

The Magic Behind The Scenes

Cincinnati Community Media is a partnership between Spectrum cable of Greater Cincinnati, the City of Cincinnati and Sabercomm Media.  Through this partnership we are able to provide members of the community with producer training, technical assistance and access to community media channels.  We provide the technical equipment you need to produce quality television programming and leverage our years of experience to ensure that the voice of the community is heard loud and clear download iphone route.

Broadcast Engineering

Cincinnati Community Media provides the equipment and tools that you need to produce unbiased programming across our broadcast channels.  We maintain the equipment needed to record and edit your television programming and make these technical resources available to all.  Additionally we provide technical assistance during each recording session to ensure that programming produced in our state-of-the-art studio is of the highest quality adobe photoshop cc for free.

Our studio equipment includes:

  • Hi-Resolution Camera Equipment
  • State-of-the-art Lighting and Sound Equipment
  • Video Monitoring Equipment
  • Video Editing Equipment
  • Computer Hardware and Software

Ongoing Training & Assistance

Cincinnati Community Media offers ongoing training to valued members of the community.  The producer of each show broadcast on our channels is provided with Producer Orientation Training where they learn about our policies, scheduling practices and legal regulations that impact the production of their programming.  We offer each producer the flexibility to create their content as they see best.  Whether the producer chooses to record their programming in our studio or record remotely and submit their fully-edited videos to us, we ensure that all shows are held to the same standards of excellence überwachungskamera software kostenlosen.

At each recording session in our studio, our staff is on-hand to help and answer any questions that may arise.  Each staff member is knowledgeable about the technical aspects of video production.  Additionally our staff provides the hands-on support to ensure that our host, guest and support staff have a positive experience retro games for free.

Community Engagement

Each year we provide educational training and internship opportunities to high school students and graduates who have expressed an interest in audio visual production.  This hands-on learning opportunity provides them with the technical skills they need to be successful in their career path.  The young people that we work with are encouraged to continue their education in the field.  Our goal is to set them up for a life time of success while providing them with an outlet for their creativity Download ps4 patch.

We are continually looking for opportunities to partner with other community organizations to ensure that our young community members have a the opportunity to learn and work with us bluefire fehler beim herunterladen.

If your organization would like to learn more about educational and internship opportunities at Cincinnati Community Media, please contact Robert Wilson Download free whatsapp images!